Programmer Digital Artist Spy AI wtf?!

I'm ∱∆⧛⧑𝖄

Nice of you to drop by.

Most know me as 'Ed', but we just met, so you can call me 'vswee'.


I'm a web developer -mostly. Programmer? Sometimes, depending on who you ask.
Artist? Eh, I dabble.

My work consists of Decentralised Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Design and User Interfaces.

I exist wherever there's an internet connection.
Hope we can meet soon.


Flat18 is a Development and Design Company founded in 2017 by Ed and the un-doxx-able, "M".

Flat18 specialises in frontend design for DeFi projects and backend development for finance and blockchain data applications.

F18 Pay

A Crypto Payments-processor built for people who are too busy to make their own.

This project is part of a suite of finance and accounts management tools being developed for use at Flat18.

The hope is that by making it available at no cost to the public, it will help keep the features and technology up-to-date with real-world use cases.

Dev Front & Back

Things come together nicely when you have a frontend developer who codes.

Not that that's a limitation, of course.